Healing Your Own Birth

& Early-Learned Life Patterns.

Binnie A Dansby & Katia Boustani

Samothraki 2024

Dates Training

30th of August - 2nd of September 2024

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This event encapsulates the collective wisdom from Katia's and Binnie's lifetime work, shedding light on

the influence of birth on all life systems and the creative process we call life.

An approach that goes beyond perceiving birth as a mere process; Embracing it as a celebratory and natural event filled with ecstasy.

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“The consciousness of society is nurtured in the womb.

The memories of our time in the womb and our births are held in every cell of our bodies.

The quality of birth affects the quality of life and in turn, impacts and shapes the quality of society.

We are conscious at birth; thinking, sensing, feeling.

Birth affects our whole subsequent mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The decisions we make at birth are the foundation for the beliefs and patterns activated in this lifetime.

Those individual attitudes and patterns translate to the attitudes and patterns displayed by nations.”


A Chapter by Binnie A Dansby

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Key Themes

& Insights:

Our focus

is on holistic


  • Breath as a Catalyst for Transformation: Understand the role of conscious breathing in accessing suppressed emotions, leading to profound healing and self-discovery.
  • Paradigm Shift in Birth Beliefs: Challenge traditional beliefs about birth, advocating for a paradigm shift towards a conscious and empowering birthing experience.
  • Conscious Birthing Practices: Delve into conscious birthing practices, emphasizing the need to redefine societal norms surrounding pregnancy and birth.
  • Prenatal Impact on Well-being: Explore the profound impact of prenatal experiences on individual and societal well-being.

Meet your teachers

About Binnie A Dansby

Binnie Dansby, a founding member of the International Breathwork Training Alliance, is dedicated to empowering individuals in healing their first breath and the decisions made during that pivotal moment.

Specializing in prenatal and perinatal psychology, Binnie actively participates in global conferences on waterbirth, midwifery, and related subjects. Her ongoing commitment involves conducting workshops, delivering keynotes, and offering teachings that inspire individuals towards the ultimate realization and integration of unity in all aspects of life.

Meet your teachers

About Katia Boustani

Katia Boustani, founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy and Global Breathing Awareness, has dedicated her life to healing herself, her community and the World, through the Breath and Love.

With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, Katia has been recognized as Rebirthing Breath Master and Master Breathwork Trainer by Leonard Orr himself. She spent years in his inner circle, teaching alongside him and aspires through this direct lineage to keep his teachings alive.

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Location & Accomodations

Samothrace, Greece

Samothraki is not just a destination; it is a portal—a transformational womb. It is the land of flowing energies, where the primordial flame merges with the earth, where Eros and mystery intertwine.

The island serves as a mystical and enigmatic gateway, where one can witness

the cosmic unity of spirit and matter in perfect coexistence. Are you ready to allow this sacred land to imbue you with cosmic knowledge? Are you prepared to embody its flow, to embrace the eternal and unchanging All?


The event will be held at the building that formerly served as the primary school in Therma, Samothrace. There are several accommodations in the vicinity. Kindly get in touch with our representatives, and they will furnish you with a list of available options nearby.

Live, Love, Gratitude: Testimonials

“For almost 5 years now I have been taking breathwork courses and classes and breathing sessions. I have been joining Global Breathing Awareness on many occasions as visitor and participant and each time it feels new and refreshing. During my path of finding myself, this practice has been one of a kind!”

— Margarita

“. . . you (Binnie) are with me almost every night. :-)

I don´t sleep as well as I did when I was younger and keep waking up in the middle of the night.

I then put on your meditation which makes me feel so safe and surrounded by love that I can relax and easily fall asleep again. It almost always works. :-)”

— VW, Stockholm, Sweden, via email.

“Hi, Binnie, I just wanted to thank you for the morning prayer. I have listened to it every day this week and find it a great way to start the day. In fact following the two sessions we had together I feel empowered, calm and although very busy I go to bed and wake up with positive energy :). The negative stress I was feeling before is much less and I feel “free” in my thoughts and actions. Fantastic.”

— E.N. Communications Executive, London, via email.

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Binnie A Dansby


Katia Boustani