Venice Rbt Breathwork Training:

Breath and Life Transformation Retreat

Dates: 17-27 October 2024

The most transformative breathwork retreat on the market will take place for the very first time in the stunning Venice and its luxurious surroundings.

Breath And Life Transformation (BALT) is a 9 days training for personal development and self-mastery like no other.

Your participation will shift your life forever in all areas that are most important for you, as well as provide you with Level 1 credentials to get a Professional Certification as a Rebirth Breath Therapy facilitator.

  • Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?
  • Are you interested in discovering how mastering your breath can lead you to mastering your life?
  • Do you often feel unsatisfied, confused, overwhelmed by responsibilities, lack motivation?
  • Would you like to experience authentic inner freedom, leave your past behind and feel fully alive?
  • Are you ready to embrace life, envisioning a world full of new possibilities?
  • Are you motivated by or are you searching for a deeper purpose?
  • Are you wondering how to find the right determination to live more in integrity with yourself and your values?
  • Are you curious about how to unfold your full potential?
  • Are you a yoga teacher, health practicioner or wellness entrepreneur intestered in integrating professionally the profound benefits of Rebirth Breath Therapy into your business?

Breath & Life Transformation Training



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If you answered YES to even one of those questions, this course is for you!

Our Breath and Life Transformation Training offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into personal growth, inner freedom, and heart-opening love.

Wherever you find yourself on your personal or professional journey this training is guaranteed to guide you towards a profound and long lasting transformation.

The Breath and Life Transformation Training Venice offers a deep immersion into yourself, your breath and mind in ultra luxury surrounding.

Through this course, you will experience the power of your own breath and mind and will be introduced into the core material of Breath and Mind Mastery to dive deep into your personal process and build your foundation for Life Mastery.

The theory is based on modern psychology, spiritual psychology, metaphysics and over 25 years of breathwork experience in the therapy field, along with daily 1:1 breathwork sessions from your personal mentor to guide your process and healing journey.

No matter your background or experience level, our training program is tailored to meet your unique needs. We are committed to providing unparalleled assistance throughout your journey, ensuring that you receive the support you need every step of the way.

What we offer


The Breath and Life Transformation Training is the first part (Level 1) of what we consider the most complete and in-depth personal development course and professional breathwork training on the market.

Mind Mastery

Together with daily, high quality, one to one breathwork ​sessions, you will learn to develop the quality of becoming the ​observer of your thoughts, heightening your ability for self-knowledge and self-inquiry. Both practices ​together will allow you to release information and memories stored in y​our mind and body that no longer serve you, while reprogramming your system based on your most authentic, mature and higher self.

Spiritual Purification and Energy Mastery

The key to real transformation is letting go of old habits (thoughts and actions) ​and creating new ones. Our body, Nature and Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Love) play an essential role to allow us to be present and reconnect deeply. During the retreat you will learn how to practice and nurture this interconnected relationship so that you can learn how to master your energy and be a clear channel for life force energy to flow through you and for you.


Breath and Life Mastery Training ( Level 2) is built on the foundations and work of the BALT and will be offered afterwards to those who are interested in becoming professional breathwork practitioners.

It will include comprehensive knowledge in anatomy, psychology, breathwork techniques and styles and lots of practical training to refine your technique and find your individual style as a breathwork facilitator.

The location: Villa Frattina,

Meduna di Livenza, Venice

Transform your life by learning to master your breath and mind in ultra luxury surroundings!

Take advantage of this opportunity to pamper yourself and recharge, while changing and evolving from the inside out, as well as the outside in!

The seminar will take place in a luxurious villa in the venitian countryside of Meduna di Livenza.

This stunning location is surrounded by a private garden with centenary trees and immersed in the characteristic landscape of vineyards, offering a unique opportunity to unwind, relax and being in touch with the Elements without compromising your comfort and wellbeing.

Venice, the city of unparalleled beauty, romantic ambiance, and cultural richness resides just 1 hour from Villa Frattina.

This city has always been known for its masks and theatre, making it a profound location for a dionysian experience, where you can "shed" your identity and give yourself permission to be whoever you want!

Joining this course will help you learn so much about your identity, how to use your “masks” effectively, how and when to take it off to reveal the most precious and authentic part of you.

In essence: get to know yourself in the most appropriate place!

Accomodation & Logistics


The Villa offers 16 unique spacious bedrooms with bathroom to be shared with a friend or training partner (single use will be available demand).


Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served daily to the trainees.


The course will entirely take place in the villa on October 17-18-19-20 and 23-24-25-26-27.

During the transitional days (October 21st & 22nd) you will be offered the opportunity to practice yoga, have a massage and visit Venice to allow further reflection on the timeless nature of personal growth, making this experience and training even more unique.

Airport transfers can be organised on demand.

Meet your teachers

Katia Boustani, founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy and Global Breathing Awareness; training leader.

Katia Boustani has dedicated her life to healing herself, her community and the World, through the Breath and Love.

With over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, Katia has been recognized as Rebirthing Breath Master and Master Breathwork Trainer by Leonard Orr himself. She spent years in his inner circle, teaching alongside him and aspires through this direct lineage to keep his teachings alive.

Federica Ferro, Rebirth Breath therapist, training organiser and host. Speaks Italian, English, French and Spanich

Federica Ferro met Katia 12 years ago at a very important cross road in life and shortly afterward became her client, student and friend.

Since a very young age, Federica has adopted an holistic approach to her health and was always passioned about personal development, energy and spirituality.

With a former career in the fashion industry, she eventually followed her vocation to help people transform their life from the inside out, through the power of breath and mind.

What you get in the BALT Training

Access to Rebirth Breath Core Manual

10 high-quality 1:1 breathwork sessions by a mentor designated to you.

Groundbreaking lectures and time to ask your questions with Breath Master Katia Boustani

Prerequisite clearance for further certification as Rebirth Breath Therapy breathwork professional.

Why choose us

We bring with us more than 30 years of expertise in holistic healing

  • Global Breathing Awareness is an international community of conscious leaders who believe in the transformative power of love, both for personal growth and changing the world.
  • Led by Breath Master Katia Boustani with 30 years of experience, our program integrates Ancestral Intelligence with modern living, providing practical tools for personal and professional development.
  • Each student receives private mentoring for individualized sessions, ensuring high-quality, one-on-one support throughout the training.
  • Our motto is ‘Tell the truth faster,’ helping students uncover their own truths, fostering self-acceptance, and promoting personal growth.
  • We follow strict safety protocols with supervised individual sessions to guarantee 100% safety.
  • Simplicity Equals Authenticity: We value simplicity and authenticity, respecting the magnificence of the human body and its functions. Breath Mastery + Mind Mastery = Life Mastery.
  • We don’t commercialize drama in breathwork, focusing on emotional regulation and safe, high-quality healing session.

Testimonials from past participants

I have attended Life and Breath Mastery Seminar in June 2019. It was a profound transformative journey. Truly amazing experience. With many deep realisations and epiphanies. Rebirth in its purest form.


For almost 5 years now I have been taking breathwork courses and classes and breathing sessions. I have been joining Global Breathing Awareness on many occasions as visitor and participant and each time it feels new and refreshing. During my path of finding myself, this practice has been one of a kind!


The experience was much more than I expected. I now understand more about myself. I had major breakthroughs and “aha” moments. I feel different, more open, more loving. I can feel the change but cannot yet define it but I feel it is for the best and will keep you posted when I see the new projections I feel are coming. Thank you both, Katia and Sifis, for this amazing experience.


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Federica Ferro

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Katia Boustani

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